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No to mining in Palawan

Palawan is one of our countries treasure

That when we see it, it brings us pleasure

But there is a problem in this island

An activity that destroys its land


Mining is a big treat

That bring nothing but wealth

But only for the miners

So it must be must be stopped


Help stop mining

To start saving

Because Palawan is a great place

That is full of grace


Activity 5

Rajo Maru D.G. Gallares

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Rajo Maru D.G. Gallares

180 Halcon St. Laloma QC

July 19, 1997







Watching T.V.



Lourdes School, Quezon City is a Catholic, Filipino, and Marian, Capuchin-Franciscan school established in 1955 by the Order of Friars Minor Capuchins (OFM Cap.). Anchored on a philosophy of life and education.


The school commits itself to the integral formation of learners, citizens, and persons, as it provides and nurtures a Christian environment where MAN discovers and accepts issues and situations affecting HIMSELF, the COUNTRY, and the CHURCH.

As a CATHOLIC school, Lourdes School is committed to the formation of Christian learners who approach and mirror Christ as they earnestly search for truth, the attainment of academic excellence, and the critical assimilation of culture in the light of faith.

As a FILIPINO school, it is committed to the formation of citizens who are habitually inclined to self-reflection and dialogue, permeated with a deep concern for justice and the common good, and imbued with strong sense of patriotism and national pride, as they live and lead with integrity and accountability, discipline and hard work for the liberation and transformation of the Filipino people and nation.

As a MARIAN, CAPUCHIN-FRANCISCAN school, it is committed to the development of free, human persons actualizing lives of love, joy, peace, brotherhood, simplicity, disponibility, solidarity with the poor, fidelity to the Church and dedication to the realization of the Kingdom of God on earth as exemplified and inspired by the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Francis of Assisi.

The school is centered in the Eucharist and committed to the integral formation and liberation of persons who are authentic witnesses to the gospel values and selflessly dedicated to the service of others, as manifested in their:

Assiduous search for truth

Sacramental and prayer life

Preferential option for the poor

Joyful bearing of one another’s burden

Accountability and responsibility for assigned tasks

Joyful and meaningful celebrations

Lourdesian Creed

Untitled Document

About us

Lourdesian Creed

I am a Lourdesian

I AM A CHRISTIAN.Christ’s reverence for me is the source of genuine self respect and true human dignity.

I AM A CHILD OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. Humbly submitting myself to God’s way as modeled by her life and faith.

I AM A FRANCISCAN IN SPIRIT. Striving to live and share a life of joy, peace, love, and selfless dedication.

I AM A MAN OF TRUTH. My continuing search for and application of knowledge and wisdom, animate my full intellectual and spiritual capacities.

I AM A FREE, HUMAN PERSON. A sharer in God’s love, free, and full of compassion.

I AM A COMMUNITY BUILDER. A steward in the service of others and a sign of salvation to all.

I AM A PEACEMAKER. Committed to promote unity and fraternity, justice and mercy, understanding and goodwill among men and the whole of creation.

I AM A FILIPINO. Committed to serve my country towards total national development.

Rajo Maru D.G. Gallares


Relihiyong budismo at ang relihiyong katoliko

Ang Budismo  ay isang rehiliyon o pilosopiya na nakatuon sa mga aral ni Buddha Sakyamuna, na marahil namuhay noong ika-5 siglo BCE .


Ang  Katoliko na man ay naniniwala sa isang Diyos na may tatlong persona–ang Diyos Ama, Diyos Anak at Diyos Espiritu Santo.


Isa rin ako sa mga relihyong katoliko kaya mas may alam ako sa relihiyong katoloiko kaysa sa relihiyong budismo. Nalaman ko na yung mga ginagawa naming SAP ay ma-experience ang pagiging kristo nung bumisita kami sa Child Haus at NOH. Noong napunta ang aking itay sa ospital nahirapan kami dahil pinunta siya dun dahil sa Congested Internal Hemorrhoids. Nagdasal kami ng pamilya ko na sana mapagaling ang tatay ko sa kanyang sakit. Mga ilang araw ang lumipas at nakalabas na ang tatay ko sa ospital. Simula noong araw na yun gustong patunayan ng itay ko sa Diyos na pwede siyang maging ganap na katoliko kaya nagsimula siyang magbasa ng bibliya araw-araw at ng rosaryo. Inaalay niya raw ang buhay niya sa Diyos dahil binigyan raw siya ng pangalawang pagkakataon sa buhay.


Ang natutunan ko sa paggawa ng transfer task na ito ay mas naniniwala ang mga katoliko sa Diyos kaysa sa mga budismo na pinupuri ang kanilang Buddha. Pati rin ako nagtitiwala na sa Diyos dahil binigyan niya kami ng isa pang pagkakataon na makasama pa ang aking itay. Sa repleksyon na ito may ibinibigay akong mensahe para sa mga katoliko dito sa Pilipinas: Magtiwala kayo palgi sa Diyos at dapat palagi niyong dapat kinakasama at sinosuporta ang inyong mga magulang dahil hindi natin alam kung hanggang kailan natin makakasama ang ating mga magulang at kapatid.

Yun lang po, God Bless! 🙂

The person that I can’t live without is Bogart (Manuelito)

because he is my best friend. He is very kind but not really supportive.

He sometimes joke other people including me for example he calls me

“malnourished” and a zombie but I’m not hurt because it’s just a joke

even though it’s lame. Not only is he my best friend but he is also my rival

in academics however he has more higher grades than me. This is why he is

the person I can’t live without.

How to be a Good Netizen

1. To be good netizen you should go to a website that is focused on education,

     new technologies, news and public affairs and other sites which are

     useful to christian values.

2. Never go to sites which are pornographic and sites that involves gambling


3. Never post indecent words, pictures and lewd videos.

4. Do not entertain suspicious characters in your web mail or in you

     web messenger.

5. Do not divulge personal information.

6. Be responsible in using the network.

Following this steps will help you become a good netizen and avoid network problems.

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