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About us

Lourdesian Creed

I am a Lourdesian

I AM A CHRISTIAN.Christ’s reverence for me is the source of genuine self respect and true human dignity.

I AM A CHILD OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. Humbly submitting myself to God’s way as modeled by her life and faith.

I AM A FRANCISCAN IN SPIRIT. Striving to live and share a life of joy, peace, love, and selfless dedication.

I AM A MAN OF TRUTH. My continuing search for and application of knowledge and wisdom, animate my full intellectual and spiritual capacities.

I AM A FREE, HUMAN PERSON. A sharer in God’s love, free, and full of compassion.

I AM A COMMUNITY BUILDER. A steward in the service of others and a sign of salvation to all.

I AM A PEACEMAKER. Committed to promote unity and fraternity, justice and mercy, understanding and goodwill among men and the whole of creation.

I AM A FILIPINO. Committed to serve my country towards total national development.

Rajo Maru D.G. Gallares